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Monologue Finding

Connecting actors with exciting new work is a passion of mine. 


With this service, I have a 30 minute consult call with you where I ask you about your thoughts on your craft and what kind of work you want to be engaging with.  After that call, I scour my vast knowledge of new work and recommend monologues from never or rarely produced plays that perfectly align with you who you are and your goals for your career.

Whether you have a big audition coming up or just looking for something to freshen up your repertoire, I would love to help you find pieces that I guarantee will help you fall in love with acting all over again.


$35 for 3 monologue recommendations

$50 for 5 monologue recommendations


The work he picked reflected not only a commercial sense of who I typically play, but material that was edgy, exciting, challenging. I will definitely be using him again — once I’m done digging into what he brought to the table.- Amanda Centeno 

When you hire Shaun, you'll not only get new pieces to work on.  You'll get a cheerleader and advocate.- Mackenzie Moyer

Such a good listener, such in-depth knowledge, funny and all in all an amazing person to give your precious time to.- Iykechi McCoy

Shaun's expertise and encouragement made me feel seen as an actor, and got me excited about my work after a disheartening dry spell.- Grace Gordon

Whether classic, contemporary or off the beaten path, plays are his specialty.  The help is here.  By all means, embrace it.- Arrianna Daniels

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